Backpacking hari 1 # SingaporeI was arrived at

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I was arrived at Changi Airport at 3.00, two hour late than it should be. I and also my third friends had flight from Sukarno Hatta Airport at 10.30.  Since we’re using promo flight ticket, we was arrived at Terminal 1. One of my friends was waiting for us, then finally we arrive in changi airport.  Its needed a longer time to walk to get MRT cart since my friends weren’t have the cart. Finally we  got the cart how to use MRT. I have funny story there when used the cart. i brought one cart from Jakarta with intent used for 4 person. confidently i re top up my card as much as $40,  but it’s not work since the cart only used 1 cart 1 person. Hmmm its so embracing experience for me. so we bought 3 card more for my friends. Embracing,, yes! But so far its helpful for us. Actually, it’s so easy to use MRT. you can choose either to buy ez link card or single trip ticket. If you want to buy single trip ticket, the thing that you need to do is:

1. Go to ticket machine

2. choose buy single trip ticket then select the MRT station that you want.

3. The cost will be showed up and you need to put your money inside the machine.

4. take your ticket, n if there is any changes you can also take them.

Toughly :

*Better to top up some $$$ if you used public transport during the trip.

MRT Single trip ticket is refundable. After using it, you can refund it for SGD $ 1. You can go to MRT by putting your card into MRT entrance gate. To take your train, just follow the sign.

Our first destination is Lavender. We walked around 10 minutes and to get the hostel. Finally we found it. friendly worker, very clean. yes that’s we searching during in Singapore.  We took many nice pictures. We also saw Mount Elizabeth Hospital in where many Indonesian people come to secure their illness. We also met some Indonesian people who are traveling but  we didn’t asked them about their trip. we prefer enjoy talk to some tourist but not Indonesian. #self selfish














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